Making Each Day Special, Even in Difficult Times

Denise Stancill, Director of Business Development, Hospice of Holland Inc.

These last several weeks have proven to be a challenge for all of us on many fronts. With the onset of this unexpected need for such significant change to our daily lives it is ever more challenging to find ways to make the most of each day when so many options to do so feel quite limited. It requires the willingness to be open to viewing life and each passing moment differently; somewhat similar to the feeling of loss that a hospice patient may experience, soon after learning their prognosis includes a terminal diagnosis.

These times are overwhelming, complicated and sometimes distressing for sure; together, we will get through it all. Even during this difficult time, Hospice can help individuals facing end of life make the most of life. Adding more life to every day is our calling. Being there to help patients and their families make each day special is what hospice care is all about. Many of our patients become like friends and many of the moments shared during the end-of-life journey are the most significant.

The hospice care team works to ease the burden of caregivers by providing emotional support as they care for someone who is dear to them. The entire hospice team of providers, nurses, social workers, hospice aides, chaplains and volunteers all work together to ensure they achieve patient comfort and quality of life, especially during the final days. Grief counseling and support is available to family members and the bereaved for 13 months following the loss of a loved one. Bereavement Counselors assist survivors of hospice patients to be able to transition through their grief, moving forward and finding hope.

The end-of-life period can be a cherished time – a time of peaceful reflection and comfort. Although this stage of life can be confusing, Hospices exist to help. We guide patients and their loved ones each day as they face their final days and provide assistance and support to ensure to each day is lived to its fullest. Together, hospice providers and their patients and family members get through it all.

As we continue to maneuver through the challenges of trying to stay healthy and well during this time of uncertainty while attempting to find the meaning of what quality of life now means for us each day, one things remains constant. As a Hospice provider, we desire to bring care and comfort to those who need it. We remain passionate about honoring the sacredness of human life. And, while we may need to temporarily alter our methods as to how we deliver care, we will continue to be a comforting presence even in difficult times.

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