Hospice Care is a Team Approach to End-Of-Life

Hospice Care Team

The compassion and quality of care offered at Hospice of Holland is the result of those who do the caring. These professional and volunteer specialists are well-trained, experienced and sensitive. A hospice care team consists of the following members:

  • Attending Physician. Direction of medical care and treatment is the responsibility of the patient’s attending physician.
  • Hospice Physicians. Our medical director works with the patient’s attending physician, as needed.
  • Registered Nurse. Each patient is assigned a hospice RN to assist with pain and symptom control, and to monitor the patient’s changing needs. For those receiving hospice care at home or in an area care facility, a skilled nurse visits once a week, or more if needed.
  • On-Call Nurse. A hospice nurse is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist with immediate pain and symptom control needs, as well as other urgent issues that may arise.
  • Home Health Professionals. A certified home health aide or LPN will assist with patient bathing and personal care. Visits are scheduled according to patient and caregiver needs.
  • Social Work Professionals. A hospice social worker provides needed emotional support and counseling for patients and families, as well as assistance in accessing additional community resources that are available.

  • Spiritual Care Team. Hospice spiritual care team members are available to provide patients and families with spiritual support, or to serve as a liaison to their faith community.
  • Volunteers. Trained hospice volunteers provide a variety of services, including respite care, companionship, transportation, and assistance with light housekeeping. Volunteer schedules are arranged as requested by patient and family.
  • Nutritional Counselor. A hospice dietitian is available to provide patients and families with nutritional counseling, as needed.
  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy. These services are provided for symptoms related to the terminal illness upon physician order, through arrangement with contracted agencies or individuals.
  • Bereavement Counselor. Hospice bereavement counselors provide support and counseling for individuals, as needed. Support groups and classes are also offered for adults, teens, and children. Families have access to grief counseling and bereavement support for 13 months following a patient’s death.
  • Family. At Hospice of Holland, anyone in a loving relationship with the patient is considered family, and patients and family caregivers alike are encouraged to participate as key members of the hospice care team, according to the patient’s wishes.

The compassion and quality of care offered at Hospice of Holland is the result of those who do the caring. Professionals and volunteer specialists are trained, experienced and sensitive.

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