Specialized Programs for Advanced Dementia

Advanced dementia is a leading cause of death among Americans age 65 and older. Based on the principles of caring for the body, mind, and spirit, Hospice of Holland offers a “Still Me” program designed to support both the patient and their caregiver. The program’s goals reflect Hospice of Holland’s mission: bringing comfort, dignity and quality of life to persons with advanced dementia. Even with the devastating losses dementia creates, our team is dedicated, trained and experienced in ensuring dementia does not steal one’s whole identity.

A Partner in the Process

You do not have to feel alone as a caregiver. It is our mission to not only provide care and comfort to the dementia patient, but to the caregiver as well.

  • Respite and Relief – In order to care for the ones you love, it is important to care for yourself, too. Caregivers in need of a break may find solace in periods of respite when electing the services offered by Hospice of Holland staff and volunteers.

  • End-of-Life Decisions – Support counselors assist caregivers in discussing and documenting the end-of-life requests of their loved one. Partnering with area physicians and facilities, Hospice of Holland helps facilitate the process of carrying out one’s end-of life wishes.

  • Caregiver Support Groups – Support groups provide the opportunity to share experiences, discover coping strategies, vent frustrations, and feel understood by others dealing with similar circumstances.

A Dignified Approach

Our staff and volunteers find creative ways to honor and respect each individual by learning about their past in order to connect with them in the present.

  • Stimulation of Senses (S.O.S) – The S.O.S. kit offers immediate options for caregivers to initiate when loved ones experience challenging, painful, and hard to manage symptoms

  • About Me© – A biographical sketch to help professional caregivers customize an individual’s plan of care
  • Read-A-Long – Through the use of bright colors, pictures and simplified storylines, volunteers are able to use lap books to make their visits more expressive and significant to the individual

  • Customized Care – By using alternative methods for assessing pain and placing the emphasis on the person, not the task, our staff promote a positive care environment for individuals with this diagnosis

To refer a patient for advanced dementia care services or for more information about Hospice of Holland, please contact 616.396.2972.

While a person with end-stage dementia may technically die from an infection or other medical complication, it is their severe dementia that predisposed them to that complication.


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