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Reaching out… what can I do?

Volunteering at Hospice means reaching out to fellow members of the community. There is a spot at Hospice for anyone willing to donate time or service to ensure that the final journey of a terminally ill patient is valued and traveled with dignity. Hospice volunteers are given a thorough orientation in the Hospice program. Training is offered every fall. The Hospice Orientation Program (HOP) provides training for life- as well as for hospice care. There are many ways to reach out as a volunteer with Hospice. People are needed in the Hospice office to answer phones and perform other clerical duties, help coordinate mailing projects, assist with computer projects, help with fundraising and marketing events as well as many other vital services. Volunteers are also needed to work directly with the patient and family: this is one of the most intimate ways a volunteer can become involved with Hospice.

Why reach out:

Volunteering, of course, means just that, working without pay. But there is compensation: the satisfaction of knowing your efforts contribute not just to an organization dedicated to helping, but also to individuals in your own community who need your help. Even small contributions of time and services can add up to a significant experience for the volunteer.

Volunteer Needs:

  • personal care (including feeding or laundry and other hands-on tasks)

  • patient care (including friendly visits, caregiver relief, companionship, reading, etc.)

  • errands, transportation, deliveries

  • artistic expression music for comfort

  • remembrance and life review (scrapbooking, memory boxes, family trees, journaling, video/ audio taping)

  • massage therapy/skilled application of lotion

  • pet-a-pet therapy

  • administrative support

  • special events/fund raising

  • marketing (outreach activities or speaking to others about hospice)

  • mailings

  • bereavement (phone calls, visits, support groups)

  • licensed hair stylist

  • lawn/gardening work

  • photographer

Volunteers are needed to provide companionship and bereavement support, to work directly with patients and families, and to provide clerical assistance at the Hoover Office. Volunteers receive basic orientation through our Hospice Orientation Program, which provides training for hospice care, and for life. Contact us for more information on becoming a Hospice of Holland volunteer.

Licensed Hairstylist or Massage Therapist

Are you a licensed hairstylist or massage therapist looking for a way to give back to your community?

If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Hospice of Holland is currently in need of compassionate volunteers in Ottawa, Allegan, Kent, Muskegon, and Van Buren counties to aid in providing our patients with the highest quality of life possible. Hours are flexible, and can be as little as one hour per week. Volunteers must be comfortable providing services in a patient’s home. You will receive training through our Hospice Orientation Program in order to equip you with all the necessary resources you will need to confidently become a hospice volunteer. This can be done on a self-study basis.

Something as simple as a haircut or a massage can bring so much joy to our patients during their final days. If you have the qualifications and feel called to make a difference, please consider reaching out to our volunteer coordinator at 616.355.5514 or  jcorrea@hollandhospice.org.

Hospice Orientation Program (HOP)

The HOP training is done completely online. Contact us for more information. To schedule a pre-training interview or learn more about volunteering, call 616.396.2972 and ask for the volunteer coordinator. After completing the HOP, volunteers may expand their opportunities to help by attending the Bereavement Training workshop.

Artistic Adventure. Help patients explore their creativity using artistic expression on a variety of projects. Charcoal pencil, crayon, marker, oil pastel, printmaking, watercolor pencil, luma and watercolor paint are on hand for use.

Pet-a-Pet Therapy. Work with patients and pets during scheduled visits from certified Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Sounds of Comfort. Musically inclined volunteers are needed to: sing or play the piano, keyboard or other instruments for patients; join the bell choir to play hymns and participate in sing-a-longs; assist patients and/or family members in playing keyboard and rhythm instruments.

Comforting Touch. Volunteers are trained to apply lotion to a patient’s hands for relaxation and comforting touch.

Remembrance/Life Review. Help a patient or family member capture significant moments, for personal growth or as a family legacy, through the creation of a journal, scrapbook, memory box, audio or video recording, or a family tree.

Reading Aloud. Volunteer to spend time reading to patients.

Massage Therapy. Certified Massage Therapists provide massages to patients and family members for comfort and relaxation purposes.

Volunteer Vigil Program

Some patients may have small or distant families, or few loved ones able to be with them, making their final hours more difficult. Volunteers in this program are available to sit with patients-to give family members a rest, to offer emotional comfort and support, or simply to be a calming presence. Volunteers are generally on-call for a full 24-hour period. Additional training is required.

Reach Out

Once you have decided to reach out and volunteer for Hospice of Holland, trained professionals will prepare you for this life-impacting experience.

As one Hospice volunteer commented, “To be with people at this stage in life is an incredible time. To be welcomed into a family circle- it’s an honor and a privilege.”

To learn more about reaching out through volunteering at Hospice of Holland, please call our Volunteer Coordinators at 616.396.2972.

Take a moment to fill out this volunteer sign-up form below!

There is a spot at Hospice for anyone willing to donate time or service to ensure that the final journey of a terminally ill patient is valued and traveled with dignity.


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Prior to providing assistance, our volunteers receive extensive training as part of their commitment to keeping the Hospice of Holland experience supportive and compassionate.