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Helping Us Achieve Our Mission

If you’d like to support Hospice of Holland and our mission, there are many ways you can help. We have a place for anyone willing to give time or service to make a difference in the lives of those facing end-of-life issues. As a nonprofit organization, we must also rely heavily on fundraisers and contributions. Hospice of Holland is very grateful for the continuous support of our generous community in both of these areas.

Ways To Give

Financial Support—Although hospice services are a covered benefit under Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance, some patients are not eligible for these benefits and cannot afford hospice services. Financial contributions to Hospice of Holland are tax-deductible and allow our patients to receive the end-of-life care they need. Give today, or contact us for more information on how your contribution can help us to achieve our mission.

Volunteer Your Time—Volunteers are needed to provide companionship and bereavement support, to work directly with patients and families, and to provide clerical assistance at the Hoover Office. Volunteers receive basic orientation through our Hospice Orientation Program, which provides training for hospice care, and for life. Contact us for more information on becoming a Hospice of Holland volunteer.

Hospice Orientation Program (HOP)—The HOP consists of 24 hours of classroom in-services. Contact us for more information on schedules for current and upcoming classes. To schedule a pre-training interview or learn more about volunteering, call 616.396.2972 and ask for the volunteer coordinator. After completing the HOP, volunteers may expand their opportunities to help by attending the Bereavement Training workshop.

Volunteer Vigil Program—Some patients may have small or distant families, or few loved ones able to be with them, making their final hours more difficult. Volunteers in this program are available to sit with patients-to give family members a rest, to offer emotional comfort and support, or simply to be a calming presence. Volunteers are generally on-call for a full 24-hour period. Additional training is required.


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Children ages 7-12 who have experienced the death of a family member, or loved one over the last year are encouraged to attend
Camp Hope.

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