During COVID-19, we are accepting new patients daily and continuing to meet the needs of those in our care.

Even during this difficult time, Hospice of Holland can help you make the most life. The end-of-life period can be a cherished time—a time of peaceful reflection and comfort. Although this stage of life can be confusing, Hospice of Holland is here to help. We will guide you and your loved ones along this journey, coming alongside you to provide assistance and support. Our care teams are trained and experienced in caring for individuals who are facing end-of-life—whether that be due to cancer, heart disease, or another type of illness. We are skilled at managing pain and other difficult symptoms. In fact, Hospice of Holland is the only organization of its kind with two physicians who are board certified in hospice and palliative medicine. In addition, our interdisciplinary approach means that you’ll have access to the expertise that’s needed to meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Why is all of that important? Because your comfort is our top priority. Because we want to be there for you, helping you to add more life to every day.

When Should You Contact Hospice?

You can contact us anytime. Hospice care is available to people of all ages, and anyone can call to ask for an evaluation to receive this type of end of life care. Typically, patients become eligible for hospice care when they choose to focus on comfort rather than cure, and when the physician estimates the person’s life expectancy to be months rather than years. Through physical, emotional, and spiritual care, we help patients feel more comfortable, enhance their quality of life, and provide support when it’s needed most.

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Where Is Hospice Care Provided?

Hospice of Holland alleviates the strain of caregiving by providing care directly in a patient’s home – whether that be their residence, an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or a hospital. Our service area includes Ottawa, Allegan, Kent, Van Buren and Muskegon counties.

How Can I Get Started?

Call 616.396.2972 and ask for the admissions department. Hospice of Holland can help you determine if this is the right time for hospice care, get any necessary referrals, or request bereavement support.

Volunteer of the Year

Hospice of Holland Volunteer

Most of Russ’ volunteer time is spent as a companion to patients and their family members. Russ has had numerous compliments from families and staff members regarding his instantaneous ability to connect with people and his tactful, compassionate approach to communication and relationship building. These qualities help make Russ an ideal hospice volunteer. Read More

Understanding Hospice

Learn about the hospice philosophy and all patient care services available. This includes an interdisciplinary team approach, hospice’s role in end-of-life care, and the benefits of advanced planning. Find out more here.

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Contact Hospice of Holland regarding our services, and how we can help you and a loved one. No obligation.