Family Members Discuss Hospice Care

Mom was diagnosed late November. We called in Hospice in December to help us through. The team from Hospice was fantastic. Was extremely patient and caring with mom. Never hesitated to answer all our questions. Hennie had family around the whole time but we still relied on Hospice. The team had someone come whenever we needed. They were extremely compassionate. Very knowledgeable on what we could expect and needed to do at the end. The Hospice team gave mom peace in her last days. Cannot thank the team enough for all their help and compassion!
John, son of Hospice of Holland patient Hennie
Chris was a wonderful man who loved his family. He led a full and interesting life. At the end of his life, Hospice of Holland provided us with the information, care, and emotional support which allowed us to live our lives fully with Chris right to the end.
Chris started palliative care about six months before he passed away. He was afraid, at first, to enter any sort of palliative/hospice care, as he originally believed hospice was a death sentence and might be seen as him giving up. Palliative care provided us a framework of care that was like a safety net to help us prepare for the future.
Kathy, wife of Hospice of Holland patient Chris
Dad was blessed with 99 enjoyable years of life. When his health began to fail and his quality of life deteriorated, we called Hospice of Holland. With the services of his nurse, social worker, and chaplain, Dad’s quality of life improved so that he was able to enjoy another 3 months before his passing. We are thankful to Hospice of Holland for giving him this gift.
Sue, daughter of Hospice of Holland patient Donald
The nurse and the Hospice team were amazing during my wife’s final months. The knowledge and support they provided helped us cope with and survive an awful time in our lives. If someone needs their services, I could not recommend them more.
Matthew, husband of Hospice of Holland patient Christina
Hospice of Holland provided the utmost compassion and care in a time of unexpected circumstances. My dad’s cancer progressed rapidly within 24 hours after going to the hospital. The admissions team was there after just one call to Hospice of Holland – provided all the necessary information and got all needed equipment to my parents’ house so we could bring dad home. The providers, nurses, and social worker did not leave one area or question unanswered. My dad was only on hospice services for three days before he passed but we knew that no matter the time of day or night hospice was only a phone call away.
Sarah, daughter of Hospice of Holland patient Richard

Hospice was great. I had been effectively doing pretty much everything in terms of her care up to that point. So once we flipped the switch to hospice, some of that responsibility was taken off of my shoulders. Hospice of Holland immediately set up a team of individuals who had differing responsibilities. From the social work aspect, to the nursing aspect, and the day-to-day care. All of those responsibilities that had been on me for all those months. That was taken completely off my plate. Which allowed me to refocus on my wife in those last weeks and days. They worked with me and bared that responsibility, and just allowed me to be her caretaker part time as opposed to full time, and just go back to being her husband.

Josh, husband of Hospice of Holland patient Heather Ward

It was wonderful. They walked us through everything. Anytime we called if (Hospice of Holland) felt they needed to come out, someone would come right away. If we needed supplies, sometimes they would make extra stops just to bring us stuff. I can’t say enough about hospice. At the end of both (my parent’s) lives Hospice of Holland came out and took care of everything. For example taking the bed and all the supplies away. We didn’t have to worry about any of that. We very much appreciated it.

Cindy, daughter of Hospice of Holland patients Theo & Wincie Wells

Hospice has made such a difference. I live 500 miles away. If I need to know details, I can call and ask her social worker or nurse. They are health care professionals who can tell me what is going on, explain medications, and tell me who I can talk to. We couldn’t keep her at home without all the help from Hospice. The respite time for Al each week is very important. Mom is happy. She loves having company. She was isolated before Hospice.

Suzi, daughter of Hospice of Holland patient Florence Baker

You can see the mission of hospice is all about the patient. The staff was immediately accessible and visible if we needed them to be. It was the little things and the attention to detail that made the difference. It was all done with such class and we never felt like we were facing this alone.

Cyndy, daughter of patient George Fabyan

I want you to know how happy and grateful we are for the excellent service rendered to my wife, Aileen, during weeks of loving care prior to her death on December sixteenth. Nowhere could there be such a dedicated staff who showed so much sincere care and love. Amazing! We experienced Hospice House as well as home care and everyone on the staff was uplifting and willing to do everything to meet our needs and desires. The coordination and cooperation within staff members was unbelievable. You can be sure I will continue to praise Hospice and, without reservation, will recommend them to anyone who might need their services.

Earl Borlace

I thought [Hospice] just sat with a dying person and comforted them and the family. I now know they do soooo much more. Yes, they are with dying people but they give them a life while they are still living. I don’t know of a happier life my mom could have even though she is ill and nearing 95. She loves the care of her new Hospice friends, which makes the rest of us happy for her.

Suzi, daughter of Hospice of Holland patient Florence Baker

For my mother, the vigil was very beneficial. In her mind, even though she was at Hospice House, was going to be alone if someone wasn’t in the room with her. We had the volunteers with with her for three or four nights and it was very much appreciated. It gave her comfort to wake up and have someone right there. Her biggest fear was to die alone, and although our family was with her a great majority of the time, we couldn’t always be there. It was a great comfort to us to know that someone was with her, especially because she didn’t know enough to push the alert button herself if she needed a nurse. Having a person sitting by her side through the night was very helpful.

Ken Overzet

As you might know my brother Dan passed a couple of weeks ago and I just want to say how professional and loving your representatives were. As I am sure you hear, I wish they would have been involved much earlier. However we had trouble getting a doctor to say no more treatments – something I am sure you have also heard before. I personally had to find the lead doc in GR and ask her to stop saying she was considering more chemo. As it was you guys only got involved about 2 days before he passed.

Things I liked:

    1. The professionalism and training your people have.
    2. They natural empathy yet with an air of honesty they showed.
    3. The truth we finally heard when your nurse got us in a circle and as painful as it was to hear she told us the truth about what stage he was in and what we could expect from Dan as far as stages, sounds, pain, etc. That was so needed by his immediate family.
    4. The swiftness of how they put in the bed, removed the drugs no longer needed and switched him on drugs given to him by at least three doctors to drugs that allowed him to live and communicate as comfortable as possible.
    5. Hearing the truth allowed us to get far away family members in to say their final messages which would not have happened if we did not have hospice.

The little things like:

    1. Put a sign on the door of their home thanking people for coming but now is not the time for a visit but call this number if…
    2. The swiftness of how they removed all evidence of them being in the home.
    3. How they told us all to call one number and not 911 or anyone else when he did pass and we did and they took care of everything.
    4. Coming in the middle of the night to confirm the passing – almost stealth like without the coldness of what the alternative of the police and EMS would have brought.

I have heard about last messages and received a book title “Final Gifts” that gives plenty of examples of statements of individuals about to pass – the goal of the book is to share the idea that we do not pass alone. Just a few hours before Dan passed I was holding his hand and nodding off when I felt him squeeze my hand and when I looked up he looked like he regained strength he had a week before and as he looked at me he said “Mike they are calling my name” – how comforting for me to hear, and just a few hours later he passed.

Again, thank you so much for your organization and for finding the right people.

-Mike Suman

“We have experienced Hospice of Holland as well as home care, and everyone on the staff was so uplifting and willing to do everything to
meet our needs
and desires.”

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