“Hospice Care is Best Friend Recommended”

Denise Stancill, Director of Business Development, Hospice of Holland Inc.

If you ever live to be a hundred, I hope I live to be a hundred minus one day, so that I never have to live a day without you.” I came across this Winnie the Pooh quote awhile back when I happened to be reflecting on the significance of friendships and the pleasure they bring when you have them in your life. Anyone gifted with a “BFF” or a tribe of “besties” in their life can attest to the value of just being in their presence. This quote speaks to that feeling of connectedness you get when in the presence of a good friend; a feeling you just want to hold onto.

So often friendships play a role in shaping how we view our life’s circumstances and our ability to maneuver through each one as we travel through it. Best friends somehow, almost magically, have the ability to take things from serious to silly in a heartbeat, ordinary to extraordinary overnight, and they can make things memorable in minutes. In the most challenging of circumstances, best friends make the impossible seem possible.

Hospice providers understand the importance of relationships patients build over a lifetime. It is the desire of many to experience a feeling of connectedness throughout their time while under the care of hospice and as they approach their finals days. Whether that feeling of connectedness exists between patient and family, coworkers, neighbors, or even a four-legged friend, the goal of hospice is to deliver care with a level of compassion and understanding worthy of a best friend.

It is no secret that for many, the idea of hospice is daunting. The uneasiness people may feel about hospice is common and universally difficult for all hospice providers to overcome. Hospice providers seek to inform individuals and their loved ones that it is possible to engage with hospice and continue to experience connectedness and “best friend” moments while under our care.   

So why do best friends recommend hospice? They know Hospice caregivers have the privilege of being present with someone during a very sacred time of life. They know hospice caregivers see and experience many hospice moments that include laughter, love, strength, compassion, peace, and relief. They know hospice will work to honor each patient’s wishes and goals of care. Similar qualities that exist in many well-established friendships.

One role hospice plays is to reduce fear and anxiety that often comes with end-of-life. In this season of giving, we would like to remind everyone to take time to honor loved ones and those most close to you, savor past memories and/or create new, and be sure to spend time doing the things you love. Celebrate Life.

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