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Because care of the body means nothing without first easing the soul. Hospice careers are filled with people who are not hired…they are called. Answer the call.

If you’ve come this far, you likely share a purpose in your life to help others at their most critical stage in life. . . as it comes to a close. Perhaps you’ve experienced a loved one die with dignity and shared in the family transition through grief to hope. Or you want the satisfaction of spending more time with patients. . . the model of hospice care. These and many other reasons bring caregivers to Hospice of Holland.

As a leading provider of hospice and non-hospice palliative care, Hospice of Holland is a growing organization with an ever-increasing need for qualified, skilled and compassionate caregivers, social workers, nurses and aides. Information of our current openings are can be found here. Thank you. . .we hope you find your purpose here.

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