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Studies show that patients who receive palliative care achieve a much enhanced quality of life, not only in regard to the immediate relief of symptoms, but also in terms of increased engagement and gaining a greater sense of control regarding their healthcare decisions

  • Can improve patient comfort and overall well-being across physical, psychosocial and spiritual domains.

  • Helps individuals with severe illness to avoid hospitalizations by addressing their pain and symptom management needs outside of acute-care settings.

  • Empowers patients in their healthcare decisions—since they may receive care anywhere and continue to pursue curative treatments, if they desire.

  • Provides a wholistic, interdisciplinary and collaborative patient-centered approach to care that embraces referring providers as key members of the healthcare team.

  • Bridges the care gap for those with severe illness who are not yet eligible for hospice care or ready to receive those services.

  • Helps to decrease healthcare costs by decreasing hospitalizations and ensuring that care is delivered in the setting that the patient chooses.

By embracing all that palliative care offers, patients, families and healthcare providers can experience the beneficial outcomes that result from this unique approach to care. Effective palliative care empowers patients to remain in charge and improves quality of life in the process. Our team of experts can help you get there.


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